Sale of Alcohol Beverages

So far we have discussed different licenses and permits you need to sell alcohol legally in Wisconsin. What about illegal or unlawful sales? The term “sale,” “sold,” or “sell” includes the transfer, gift, barter, trade, exchange, or any shift, device, scheme, or transaction whatever, whereby alcohol beverages may be obtained. Giving away alcohol beverages or using any other device to evade the law relating to its sale is an unlawful sale.

The following are some examples of illegal transactions at unlicensed premises:

  1. A “free” drink with a meal;
  2. A cover charge, whereby mix is furnished at a price, with “no charge” for liquor;
  3. A “free” bottle of liquor tied into the sale of some other item.

Penalty: Fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than nine months, or both.

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